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Posted: September 2, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in News
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Things have been going crazy lately for Team Dork.

Between work, back to school (For the kids), Irene and working nightshifts (For some of us at least) the time we have to work on our respective projects is very small. Also, there is ComicCon Montreal coming on the 17th and 18th and Wil has an awesome Mandalorian Armor he’s been working on so he want it to be ready by then. As for me, I have this EVA Foam futuristic armor … But I kinda hit a road bump … I don’t know where to go next with my design. Hope I can get it ready for ComicCon. On the other hand … I can’t wait to see what Zach Finfrock (BFX) and Ralis Khan has been cooking for that new show Mad Monster Lab that should be on this month!

Anyway, just wanted to keep you informed that we’re all alive and well … Just really really busy!

I will try to make a couple of paper props this week. These little things are getting popular!

Have a nice Dorky Day!




Ok this one has been a pain in the *ss! Working alone, trying to hold the foam parts in one hand while glueing with the other has proven to be harder than I first thought … I have learned some important stuff though:

1. Hot glue is … Well hot! I managed to burn the tip of my finger … Now it has a big blister waiting to pop.
2. Pre-Glueing. Put the amount of hot glue you want and when ready to apply, use your heater gun to make the glue liquid again. Very useful.
3. Always check on what side your foam is BEFORE glueing. That way, you will avoid having to start back and waste foam in the process …
4. For my first project with EVA Foam … I was bold in my design choice. What i’m saying here is to go with a simple design. Add stuff later if you want.
5. Work in an a calm, remote area if you’re easily sidetracked like me …

And finally …

6. Believe in yourself! Don’t stop at the first mistake. I know it’s frustrating having to start over some parts the first time but you will be so upset that chances are … You’ll never make these mistakes again!

More soon … Have a nice Dorky Day!


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Things have been going crazy this week in my life so unfortunately, I didn’t had as much time as I wanted to work on my projects … There is although some work that has been done on my Futuristic Armor (See Work In Progress: Pat’s Futuristic Armor) … Here are some photos of what’s in the work:


Well … That’s it for now … I should have another update by the end of the day … Paint job mostly … But things are looking good! I should be ready for ComicCon!

Well … It’s 5:22 in the morning and I can’t sleep … I was thinking about my Specimen in a Jar project and managed to convince myself in making a specimen instead of buying a Ready-to-use one. I was making concepts in my head and then I came to the mouth of the “Thing”. How the hell am I going to make something cool? Then I thought about a bunch of fossilized rocks I have and remembered I had somewhere in there a fossilized small shark tooth! I found it! Once molded and replicated, this little thing of beauty is going to become a wicked creature’s mouth! Oh! Here’s a picture of the tooth i’m talking about …

Added a D10 in the picture as a size reference …

August 8th 2011

Ok so here we go again … Today … I molded the teeth of the Thing In The Jar … It was a fairly cheap project so here’s how I did it:

I looked over for some “Rack” to put my play dough in … I manage to find the plastic cover of a sandwich container. If you look more closely, you will notice that the cover has a nice place to stuck in my play dough. You could use about just anything though. Some will build mold with woods and I even saw people making their molds into LEGO Blocks … Heck use your imagination!

 Then proceed in filling your “Rack” or mold if you prefer with the play dough …

Do as many imprints as you need. I’m not sure yet of just how much I will be able to fit into the mouth of the sucker so I went for 16.

 Once that done, plug in the hot glue gun and while it heats up, use some kind of stuff that will help you unmold later. I used Vegetable Oil in spray … It made my teeth a bit rough … You might consider brushing oil instead (Or any other tricks you might have).

 When the glue gun is hot enough, fill  the molds gently and take extra precaution not to make air bubbles. To do so, just start in the corner of each mold and pour slowly the hot glue while filling the entire mold. If done appropriately, it should work. You might want to consider putting your mold in the freezer a couple minutes to make things go faster.

 Once the glue is set, unmold and gently brush under running cold water. Any play dough excess will go away.

 Then, using a nail clipper or scissors, carefully take away any excess glue. It doesn’t really matter if they end up being different from one another since normal teeth are not alike.

 At this step, I decided to make my teeth more “smooth” by using a Dremel Tool to work them out as I wanted them.

Well … That’s it for now …