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Things have been going crazy this week in my life so unfortunately, I didn’t had as much time as I wanted to work on my projects … There is although some work that has been done on my Futuristic Armor (See Work In Progress: Pat’s Futuristic Armor) … Here are some photos of what’s in the work:


Well … That’s it for now … I should have another update by the end of the day … Paint job mostly … But things are looking good! I should be ready for ComicCon!


Okay, I decided to go ahead and post my progress on that “main” project I’ve been working on for a few months now…

Let me start by saying that I was almost done with the armor plates when I “noticed” that the paint I was using wasn’t sticking to the plastic… I tried to chuck it out to bad paint or cheapo paint… But I soon realized that even a good quality plastic primer was not enough. That type of plastic just doesn’t want to be painted… At all… FYI. It’s called HDPE (high density polyethylene) fancy word for “that plastic they use to make the big blue plastic drums”. Since these drums are designed to hold chemicals, they are EXTREMELY “non-sticky” (whoa, what a scientific word!). What I want to say is: DON’T USE THIS TYPE OF PLASTIC unless you’re fine with the color as it is and you have no intention of painting it.

Okay… I have nonetheless a little bit of progress, my helmet (or bucket as I’m gonna refer to from now on) is taking shape.

Here are some pics of the process (with descriptions this time)

I started my bucket with a hard hat for the dome part. The bottom part was made using the Wizard Of Flight templates on card stock and cardboard which I resined and fiber glassed.

Here you can see that I buffed out the "fin" on top of the hat and smoothed all that down with Bondo auto filler...

Okay, I’m starting to get hang of this picture posting process… Takes forever though…!! 😉

A little (and by "little" I mean A WHOLE DAMN LOT) sanding and Bondo work and a coat of primer (which helps to see all the imperfections).

Same stage, side view.

This is the left ear piece I made using PVC as a base, some foamie and a little wooden stick (the kind you would use to stir your coffee I guess). Later I resined the whole thing (no pics of it with the resin on, sorry)

It may not show on these pics but there's a lot of fine tuning, sanding, filling, re-sanding...

Same stage. Side view.

And now for the armor…

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I don’t have much to show (anymore) but here it is anyway.

This is what I have done so far. I used a 6" PVC pipe which I cut and heated to get it flat (I slid it between two plywood boards and put a few cinder blocks to add weight). Once it was flat (and it doesn't have to be super flat), I traced the templates, cut 'em with my rotary tool and trimmed 'em. After that I shaped them using a heat gun. Shocked them in to the desired shape (by dipping them in cold water).

Same stage, different view.

Now, before I go too far in the process, I WILL do some paint tests (even though PVC is not supposed to be a problem as far as accepting paint)…

Let you know how it turns out.

Okay, that’s it for now, I’ll try and keep this post up to date the best I can.

See ya!


Yay!! Happy happy! Joy joy! The paint seems to be sticking on the PVC…!! Tried it yesterday and came up with this…:

This is after 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of "chrome" paint... I'll give it 2 coat of clear for protection and then start the battle damage and carbon scorching and everything...!

I also went and cut out a Mandalorian skull symbol out of the same PVC I used for the plates… I will glue it on my back plate.

View #1 (no paint or primer or anything yet).

View #2

Allfighty, back for a little update…

I painted the weathering/battle damage on the plates I have. Couldn’t do anymore plates because I’m waiting on a friend who could hook me up with free PVC sheets… Anyway, here’s what I have so far…

This is my right chest plate. I've laid 2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of silver (I'm not putting any clear 'cause the paint is high quality and doesn't require any clear, plus it messes up the shine of the silver paint). The yellow stuff is... well... mustard. Yep plain ol' mustard...! It serves as a mask, everywhere you see mustard, you will see silver when the colors re added...

This is what I came up with the first color. You can see the spots where I put the mustard, they are "battle scratches" now...!

And the final color, I'm gonna be a white Mando (duh)...! The left plate will not be like what you see on the picture, I kinda botched the paint job a little bit and I also forgot to make the holes for my chest display (little blinky lights ad "numbers").

Well… I’ve been looking at the plates over and over again… And I’ve decided that, hum… I’m not happy with the paint job… I think the “paint chipping”/battle damage is to big and too obvious… I want it to be a little more subtle… Guess I’ll be redoing it soon… I’ll keep you guys posted… sooner than later I hope!!

Guess what people… Turns out the plastic I used for my first set of plates was in fact “okay” with the paint… I just didn’t wait long enough (BIG shocker)… Also, I think it might have been too hot and humid when I painted them the first time… I took a piece out of a box the other day (good thing I hadn’t thrown them away) and I realized that the paint was sticking very well… SOOOO… I’ll be able to use my “old” plates (made of HDPE) after all… For now, I’m waiting on the spray adhesive to dry COMPLETELY… After that I will finally be able to paint the suckers…! More updates coming next week… I hope…!


Updates… Small updates…

Here it is, everything is coated with the spray adhesive, the only part missing are the gauntlets (which are in the first stages of Pepakura, I have to resin and fiber glass  them) and my bucket (I’m sealing it to get it ready to be molded)…

Yep almost everything is there...

And here’s a detailed shot of my back plate with the raise skull…

Pretty sweet huh? Hope it stays on there...!!!

Allright like I said, it’s a small update but it’s something…!!

‘Till next time, take care!