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Ok this one has been a pain in the *ss! Working alone, trying to hold the foam parts in one hand while glueing with the other has proven to be harder than I first thought … I have learned some important stuff though:

1. Hot glue is … Well hot! I managed to burn the tip of my finger … Now it has a big blister waiting to pop.
2. Pre-Glueing. Put the amount of hot glue you want and when ready to apply, use your heater gun to make the glue liquid again. Very useful.
3. Always check on what side your foam is BEFORE glueing. That way, you will avoid having to start back and waste foam in the process …
4. For my first project with EVA Foam … I was bold in my design choice. What i’m saying here is to go with a simple design. Add stuff later if you want.
5. Work in an a calm, remote area if you’re easily sidetracked like me …

And finally …

6. Believe in yourself! Don’t stop at the first mistake. I know it’s frustrating having to start over some parts the first time but you will be so upset that chances are … You’ll never make these mistakes again!

More soon … Have a nice Dorky Day!



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Things have been going crazy this week in my life so unfortunately, I didn’t had as much time as I wanted to work on my projects … There is although some work that has been done on my Futuristic Armor (See Work In Progress: Pat’s Futuristic Armor) … Here are some photos of what’s in the work:


Well … That’s it for now … I should have another update by the end of the day … Paint job mostly … But things are looking good! I should be ready for ComicCon!

News from The Cave …

Posted: August 18, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in General, News, Update

Been sick as hell the past 3 days … I could have been the stunt double of Linda Blair in The Exorcist … Anyway …

– Been working last day at adding Tags for each posts on this Blog with impressive results!
– Two new members have joined Team Dork
– Been working on a first “Movie Poster” for our Prop Parties … HINT: Halloween is coming quickly

Also, next week i’m on vacation from work! That means I will have the time to work on my projects … You should have some interesting updates next week about my EVA Foam Armor and The Thing In A Jar!

Anyway, gotta go … Have a nice “Dorky” day and don’t forget: When you think you have worked on your Props too much … Work More!


Update: Contact and Links page

Posted: August 15, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, News, Update

Good morning from The Dork Cave!

The Contact page was updated and you can now send us emails! Feel free to use the Contact page to send us comments, suggestions, questions and even photos of your work and/or photos with stuff from our page … We will try to answer you as soon as possible but please consider 24-48 hours for an answer.

The links page was updated as well. Here’s a rundown of what you can find there so far:

Independent Film Maker
Maude Michaud (Sebastien Montpetit, our MakeUp Artist has some of his work featured in Maude’s work

Special Effects
Backyard FX (RIP) (Even if BFX is dead, it’s still a gold mine of informations regarding the building of Props on the cheap.

Obsidian Dawn (Photoshop/GIMP Brushes) (Some wicked brushes can be found there for your scrolls)
Pepakura (Papercraft Designer) (Program to print exploded views of 3D objects)

There … Have a nice day!


Work In Progress: Pat’s Futuristic Armor

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Props, Tips, Update, Work In Progress
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As you can see, both me and Wil are making a Futuristic Armor. I try to use a very precise methodology and I would like to share today with you what i’ve done so far:

1. Research:
When I decided to go ahead with a Futuristic Armor project, I decided to search the Internet for some references. I gathered from across the web 11 designs that I liked more than the others (A 12th joined the rank later on). I layed them in front of me and highlighted/circled the details I liked the most about each models. As you can guess, I will not show the references chosen here due to Copyrights Infringement …

2. Sketch:
I took my sketch pad (I suck at drawing … badly!) and I layed down a sketch of the armor I wanted. I have to be honest with you. Even though your sketch rocks … Your final armor will most probably be different from that sketch … Use it anyway as a reference point just in case you tend to sidetrack. Won’t show my sketch … You might believe it’s a smashed fly on a piece of paper anyway.

3. Measurements:
Since we’re building an armor here … Measurements are pretty straightforward.

A - From armpit to armpit / B - From shoulder blade to waist

Ok so with this being said … Wil is an average size bastard … I hate him … I’M NOT AVERAGE SIZE! The issue i’m having is that an average size EVA Foam mat is 24″ x 24″ (Or 22″ x 22″ if you take away the connecting parts) Sooooo … I decided to go ahead and make the biggest vest I could and decided that I would put additional lengt of EVA along the way in the details. Optionally … You can do like me. Since I can’t draw, I took an old sleeveless shirt from my drawers and cut it with scissors. Don’t tell my wife … SSsssshhht!

4. Making the pattern:
I layed my shirt on carboard and traced around it as accurately as possible in dotted lines. Then, using a ruler and a black marker, I carefully retraced the lines so it curves smoothly. Then cut your pattern.

Trace only half of it ... That way, you'll be sure that both sides are the same size!Facing and Backing done.Facing and Backing done.

5. Use pattern on EVA Foam:
Using your pattern, carefully trace your lines using a black marker on the EVA Foam. You can still make modifications and or adjustment at this state … LAST CHANCE!

6. Cut the EVA Foam:
Using a sharp knife or a scalpel that you lube/grease or heat, cut along the lines you just made. Try to be as steady as possible and keep your blade straight. I learned from my mistakes. Some of my cuts are inclined … It should not be noticeable at the end though.

I could have make the neck part more round ...

Pretty satisfied with this one!

7. Details:
Start designing details to add to your armor. I decided to start with a central point. For me, it was the spine on the back …

Could have made this one into one part and could have added details using the Dremel Tool though.

I first measured the length of a single piece by taling my reference picture, measuring one piece of the spine and then one of his finger. Then, I measured one of my own finger and using a simple mathematical formula (I let you guess that one), I was able to determine the length of each piece of the spine. I then drawed it on cardboard and traced it on EVA. Cut it using the same methods than the base of the armor and smoothed each piece using the Dremel Tool. The end result should be interesting …


8. Assemble your armor parts and for now, tape them together using masking tape.
9. Replace/Modify the armor parts as needed to get a nice finish.
10. Glue the parts together using Contact Glue.
11. Add details using 3mm. and/or 6mm. EVA Foam sheets (These can be found in scrapbooking department).

And the rest is yet to be added here … As I work on my armor …


Project Update

Posted: July 30, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Update

The Dork Cave Team still in recruiting mode, we are still busy … Life, work, kids … and for some … Becoming a Ninja as well … Anyway … Here are my current projects as well as their current status:

– Specimen Jar     Status: 25% (Gathering materials)
– Futuristic Armor     Status: 10% (Developing concept)
– Steampunk Power Gloves     Status 5% (Rough sketch on a piece of paper)

Since I’m kinda new to all this Prop Building thing, I may take a while before going in for the Steampunk Power Gloves project. I would like to hone my skills a little before. I had a few setbacks with the Futuristic Armor. There was a store here in town that had a sale on EVA Foam but the bin was empty when I got there … Hopefully I was able to get a  rain check and will be able to buy them cheap anyway … only later. The Specimen Jar … Well … I’m currently doing experiences with different liquids and still torned about whether I develop my own specimen or go with the Kit Bashing of an existing toy or something. I’m also working on a decent label … Might go for a Lovecraft “homage” by making it from somewhere in Massachusetts or something.

Well that’s it for me … Wil has asked me this week to get an access to the Blog so hopefully you will have an other contributor soon! That guy knows his props believe me …


 L’Équipe du Dork Cave est actuellment en mode recrutement et nous devons faire avec les aléas de la vie quotidienne … Vie, travail, enfants et même pour certain, devenir Ninja … Bref, voici mes projets en cours:

– Pot contenant un spécimen non-identifiable   Status: 25% (Réunis actuellement les matériaux)
– Armure Futuriste   Status: 10% (Développement du concept)
– Gants de Pouvoir Steampunk   Status: 5% (Brouillon)

Puisque je suis encore nouveau dans ce domaine, il se peut qu’un bon moment s’écoule avant que j’entame officiellement mon projet de Gants de Pouvoir. J’aimerais aiguiser mes compétences un peu avant. J’ai rencontré un léger pépin dans mon projet d’Armure Futuriste. Le commerce où je prévoyais acheter ma mousse EVA avait un solde sur le produit mais à mon arrivée, l’étalage était vide. Heureusement j’ai réussi à obtenir un bon différé et je pourrai profiter de ce rabais plus tard. Pour mon pot contenant le spécimen … J’expérimente actuellement avec des liquides et j’en suis encore à me demander si je créé mon propre spécimen ou si j’utilise quelque chose d’existant. Du point de vue de l’étiquette que je compte utiliser, je vais peut-être créé quelque chose qui sera un clin d’oeil à H.P. Lovecraft et son univers de Cthulhu.

Voilà c’est tout pour le moment … Wil m’a demandé cette semaine d’obtenir un accès au Blog alors nous aurons bientôt la chance d’avoir un nouvel auteur! Je vous le dis moi, ce gars là il connaît son affaire!