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News: Spotted by the RPG Business

Posted: September 13, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in General, News, Prop Documents
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Did I told you guys my mind was hyperactive? I always have a couple of projects running at the same time in my head …

Last winter for example, I worked with Colin Chapman (Author of Atomic Highway RPG) on his next supplement that should see the day before the end of the year. I also whipped out a very cool character sheet (For fun) for ICONS Super Powered RPG. I posted that sheet on my Deviantart account (DerekFrost) and kinda forgot about it.

I logged back on my Deviantart about a week ago only to realize that Dan Houser, the head illustrator for ICONS loved my character sheet and used it at JAFAX earlier this year!

I pushed my luck and wrote back to Mr. Houser to see if the sheet could be included in a future ICONS product (as long as I get the credit for it) and he wrote back to tell me that they might even buy it! Cool! Anyway … While I wait for a reply, here’s the character sheet … I know it’s not really related to Props but let’s call it a shameless plug!

Have a nice Dorky Day!
Patrick “Hyperactive Cortex” Dubuc


Note the additional ingredient ... He he he ...

This is the result of a bored evening. I was looking at a regular Coca Cola bottle and I had a copy of Fallout 3 for XBOX360 on my side when I decided that it would be cool to make my own spin on Nuka Cola. So I scanned the label and edited it with Paint Shop Pro 5. The result is somewhat interesting. All you have to do is print that on some glossy paper and  replace the label of a 591 ml. plastic Coca Cola bottle with it. The result is somewhat funny and should attract general attention on a Roleplaying Game Night or a Movie Party … Hey! Why not use this in your next Post-Apocalyptical Movie?

Oh and guys (And gals!) send me your photos with your Apocalypse Cola! I will post some of them!


Cette étiquette est le résultat d’une soirée vraiment emmerdante. Je regardais une bouteille de Coca Cola et j’avais une copie de Fallout 3 pour XBOX 360 à mes côtés et j’ai décidé que ce serait bien de faire ma propre version du Nuka Cola. Alors j’ai scanné l’étiquette et je l’ai reproduite avec Paint Shop Pro 5. Le résultat est plutôt intéressant. Tout ce que vous avez à faire c’est d’imprimer le tout sur du papier glacé et remplacer l’étiquette d’un Coca Cola de 591 ml. avec cette nouvelle étiquette. Le résultat est plutôt amusant et est susceptible d’attirer l’attention lors de votre prochaine soirée de jeux de rôles ou lors d’une soirée de visionnement de films … Hey! Pourquoi ne pas l’utiliser lors du tournage de votre prochain film post-apocalyptique?

Hey envoyez-moi vos photos avec votre Apocalypse Cola! Je posterai certaines de vos photos!


FBI Badge (X-Files)

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Prop Documents, Props
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I was working a while back on a project called Mythos who was intended to be a Live Action Roleplaying Game based on Howard Philip Lovecraft’s universe. I wanted the setting to take place in 20xx because I wanted the players to be able to play without looking out of place when amongst non-players. One of the Prop Documents I built was this FBI Badge as seen in X-Files. The Badge has Mythos written in small characters on it but can easily be erased using an image editor. You can also add a photo and additional informations on the back panel of the Badge. All you have to do after printing is go to the store, grab plastic sleeves, insert this baby into the sleeve and Voilà! An accurate-looking FBI Badge as seen in the movies!

Click for Full Size ... Save, Edit, Print and you're almost done!


All you need is your printed/edited badge, a badge holder clip and a plastic sleeve. It doesn't fit entirely in it but optionally, you could plastify your badge.

Your badge is ready to go!

Ok … This might not be my best FBI mugshot but I needed a photo and that’s the best I had … Oh and why don’t you guys send me photos with your Badges? I would post some of them for sure!