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News: ComicCon Montreal

Posted: September 15, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in News
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Ok I peed myself when I read this one … Montreal is getting ready for ComicCon and it seems Batman got himself into some kind of trouble. Read the full article from The Montreal Gazette here:

MONTREAL – It seems even the Batmobile can be ticketed for parking illegally in Montreal.

The city’s parking enforcement officers were not amused when they came across the Caped Crusader’s famous ride (or a very accurate replica) parked outside of HMV near the corner of Peel and Ste. Catherine on Thursday afternoon. The nearby parking meter had apparently not been fed.

“Who does this car belong to?” the officers asked as a large crowd began to gather around the vehicle and snap photos. “You have to pay… It can’t just be here like this.”

In the end, no ticket was issued. The owners of the car paid the parking fee, and the officers backed off.

The vehicle is in town for this weekend’s Comiccon convention, along with a replica of the time-travelling car featured in the Back to the Future films.

© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette
I’m pretty sure Batman has some kind of  “Anti-Parking Ticket BatSpray” or something along these lines … Ha ha ha!
Have a nice Dorky Day!
Patrick “Hyperactive Cortex” Dubuc

News: Spotted by the RPG Business

Posted: September 13, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in General, News, Prop Documents
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Did I told you guys my mind was hyperactive? I always have a couple of projects running at the same time in my head …

Last winter for example, I worked with Colin Chapman (Author of Atomic Highway RPG) on his next supplement that should see the day before the end of the year. I also whipped out a very cool character sheet (For fun) for ICONS Super Powered RPG. I posted that sheet on my Deviantart account (DerekFrost) and kinda forgot about it.

I logged back on my Deviantart about a week ago only to realize that Dan Houser, the head illustrator for ICONS loved my character sheet and used it at JAFAX earlier this year!

I pushed my luck and wrote back to Mr. Houser to see if the sheet could be included in a future ICONS product (as long as I get the credit for it) and he wrote back to tell me that they might even buy it! Cool! Anyway … While I wait for a reply, here’s the character sheet … I know it’s not really related to Props but let’s call it a shameless plug!

Have a nice Dorky Day!
Patrick “Hyperactive Cortex” Dubuc

News: Mad Monster Lab – Show 1

Posted: September 8, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, News

Finally Ralis Khan and Zach Finfrock has graced us with their debut show Mad Monster Lab. This week, how to blow somebody’s head (The safe way!)

Mad Monster Lab Extra: Applying the Rig …

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we’re working our butts off trying to get ready for ComicCon Montreal that takes place on September 17th and 18th. More informations soon … And luckily we should be able to post both the Mandalorian Merc Armor Walkthrough AND my Futuristic Armor EVA Foam build!

Have a nice Dorky Day!


News from the Cave …

Posted: September 2, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in News
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Things have been going crazy lately for Team Dork.

Between work, back to school (For the kids), Irene and working nightshifts (For some of us at least) the time we have to work on our respective projects is very small. Also, there is ComicCon Montreal coming on the 17th and 18th and Wil has an awesome Mandalorian Armor he’s been working on so he want it to be ready by then. As for me, I have this EVA Foam futuristic armor … But I kinda hit a road bump … I don’t know where to go next with my design. Hope I can get it ready for ComicCon. On the other hand … I can’t wait to see what Zach Finfrock (BFX) and Ralis Khan has been cooking for that new show Mad Monster Lab that should be on this month!

Anyway, just wanted to keep you informed that we’re all alive and well … Just really really busy!

I will try to make a couple of paper props this week. These little things are getting popular!

Have a nice Dorky Day!


News from The Cave …

Posted: August 18, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in General, News, Update

Been sick as hell the past 3 days … I could have been the stunt double of Linda Blair in The Exorcist … Anyway …

– Been working last day at adding Tags for each posts on this Blog with impressive results!
– Two new members have joined Team Dork
– Been working on a first “Movie Poster” for our Prop Parties … HINT: Halloween is coming quickly

Also, next week i’m on vacation from work! That means I will have the time to work on my projects … You should have some interesting updates next week about my EVA Foam Armor and The Thing In A Jar!

Anyway, gotta go … Have a nice “Dorky” day and don’t forget: When you think you have worked on your Props too much … Work More!


Prop Building Parties (Coming Soon … I Hope)

Posted: August 16, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in News

Just a little post to tell you guys that since the creation of The Dork Cave Team, we’ve been talking about what we call “Prop Parties” which is a 12-24 hours where we gather and build Props together (Did we mention that Dork Cave Team is scattered across Quebec?). This is an occasion to share knowledge, techniques and to have a good time …

The way we want to proceed is to determine a theme for each Prop Parties … The theme will be determined by the team and a movie poster will be modified to fit the event … For example we could hold an event called “Indiana Jones & The Temple of Dork” and the Props would have to be Relics and/or Artifacts from past times.

Stay tuned, the first event will be determined and a date will be announced (Hopefully) …

We first considered the possibility to Live Stream these events but instead, we will film the thing entirely and make a BEST OF out of them.

Stay Tuned!


Update: Contact and Links page

Posted: August 15, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, News, Update

Good morning from The Dork Cave!

The Contact page was updated and you can now send us emails! Feel free to use the Contact page to send us comments, suggestions, questions and even photos of your work and/or photos with stuff from our page … We will try to answer you as soon as possible but please consider 24-48 hours for an answer.

The links page was updated as well. Here’s a rundown of what you can find there so far:

Independent Film Maker
Maude Michaud (Sebastien Montpetit, our MakeUp Artist has some of his work featured in Maude’s work

Special Effects
Backyard FX (RIP) (Even if BFX is dead, it’s still a gold mine of informations regarding the building of Props on the cheap.

Obsidian Dawn (Photoshop/GIMP Brushes) (Some wicked brushes can be found there for your scrolls)
Pepakura (Papercraft Designer) (Program to print exploded views of 3D objects)

There … Have a nice day!