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News: Mad Monster Lab – Show 1

Posted: September 8, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, News

Finally Ralis Khan and Zach Finfrock has graced us with their debut show Mad Monster Lab. This week, how to blow somebody’s head (The safe way!)

Mad Monster Lab Extra: Applying the Rig …

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we’re working our butts off trying to get ready for ComicCon Montreal that takes place on September 17th and 18th. More informations soon … And luckily we should be able to post both the Mandalorian Merc Armor Walkthrough AND my Futuristic Armor EVA Foam build!

Have a nice Dorky Day!



I was working on my Futuristic Armor project last night when I realized just how much paper each project generates: Sketches, reference pictures, notes, measurements and so on … So I remembered that I had this wonderful application that runs under Windows (Sorry Mac users). Basically, MyInfo is a personal information manager for Windows. It will help you capture, organize, edit and share ideas, documents, tasks, and web pages.

Click on the image to open a link to Milenix’s website

I won’t try to tell you what’s in it … Instead i’ll copy what’s from the website (Yeah I know i’m lazy …):


Collect Information Easily
By using the AutoPaste and QuickPaste features, you can collect information into MyInfo, even when it is minimized and you are working with another application.

Microsoft Office® Integration
MyInfo not only shares Microsoft Office® look & feel and shortcuts, but also tightly integrates with it. If you have Microsoft Word® installed, you can import Word documents into your topics and if you have Microsoft Excel® installed, you can paste tables from it, directly in the text editor.

MyInfo accepts Outlook hyperlinks, so you can open mail messages and other Outlook items, directly from MyInfo.

Capture Entire Web Pages [New]
You can save local copy of a web page, if you want to browse it offline using the builtin web browser.

Drag & Drop Everywhere
You can drag text, pictures, links, files, and mail messages in the MyInfo tree editor, creating new documents on-the-fly. MyInfo will intelligently create document of the appropriate type and import the dragged data.

You can also quickly reorder documents in the tree and even move them between topics, using the drag & drop function.

File Embedding and Editing
You can insert files from other applications into MyInfo, thus keeping all your information in one place. You can edit embedded files and the changes will be saved back in MyInfo.

USB/Flash Drive Install [New] [Pro Only] (The reason why I took Pro Version)
You can use MyInfo 4, even if you are on the move and would not like to carry a laptop around. Just install MyInfo on a portable drive like (USB flash or thumb drive) and have all your information with you. Anywhere.


Tabbed Interface
MyInfo features a tabbed interface, which allows you to work with multiple files in the same application window and switch between them easily. You can rearrange the tabs using the new Organize Topics function and sort them alphabetically.

User Attributes in the Tree
Another unique MyInfo feature is its multi-column tree. Each topic comes with a predefined set of built-in attributes, containing various information about the documents in the topic. You can create your own attributes if you want to assign additional metadata to the documents in the topic. You can filter for documents depending on the attributes they have.

Tasks [New]
MyInfo 4 allows you to easily insert tasks in the tree with priority and due dates. You can see a full list of your tasks with a single click in the Filter View.

Filter Documents [Improved]
Use the Filter pane to collect documents from the tree, depending on their attribute values and other information. Clicking on a document tag will show you all documents with the same tag in the tree.

Group results by attribute value for better navigation.

Document TagsDocument tags (or keywords) are a handy tool for categorizing and finding related documents. They work exactly like tags in the popular social bookmarking web sites such as

Instant Search Results
MyInfo indexes your information, so when you search in your topics (even these that are not open in MyInfo) you get instant and accurate results.

Document Cloning
If you want the same document to appear in different parts of the topic tree, you will find the MyInfo cloning feature indispensable.

Favorites [New]
Favorites allow you to bookmark your most frequently used documents, topic, and filters.

Calendar View
MyInfo calendar view makes it easy to spot upcoming tasks and other important dates.

Sort Documents
Sort documents by up to three document attributes.

Full-Featured Text Editor
MyInfo text editor has a full range of word-processing features. It offers rich text formatting, hyperlinks, tables, pictures, and OLE objects support.

MyInfo unique feature are the text formatting styles, which are shared in the whole topic. So you can quickly change the topic look and achieve consistent, professional look of your topics without manual labor.

You can easily find and replace text within the document.

Spelling [New]
MyInfo 4 has a full-fledged spell checker. It offers spell-as-you-type spelling, additional dictionaries for all major languages and it actually learns from you, so if you make the same mistakes multiple times, it will make more intelligent suggestions.

Formatting in the Tree [New]
In MyInfo 4 you can format the appearance of any single document in the tree. You can change fonts, sizes, colors, font effects (bold, italic, underline), and even their background color.

In addition, the formatting is preserved when you export the topic to a Word file or just want to print it!


Link to MyInfo from Anywhere
MyInfo can create links to its topics and document and then you can place these links in any Windows applications or as shortcuts on your desktop. Then clicking on this links, opens MyInfo and the desired item.

Files and Folders Export [New]
Export all documents, web resources and embedded files to a folder, retaining the tree structure.

Export as a Web Page
Export documents as a web page, retaining all text formatting, images and tables.

Export as a Web site [Pro Only]
Export MyInfo topic as a web site and publish it on the Internet.

Print and Print Preview
Print any part of your information in MyInfo.

CSV Export [New] [Pro Only]
Export all documents and their attributes to a Microsoft Excel, where you can analyze them.

Open Architecture
MyInfo does not lock your data. In fact, MyInfo has open import and export architecture, allowing third-party developers to create plugins for importing and exporting information between MyInfo and any third-party application.

Needless to say that this is a very useful tool … There is a Trial Version if you want to try it today. The Standard Version (Which is about 50.00$) is already a wonderful tool. I chose the Profesionnal Version which is almost double the cost but that’s just me … I’m a sucker when it comes to technology.

With that being said … Have a nice Dorky Day …


Link: Basic Leather Working

Posted: August 15, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links
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Sooner or later, you will have to make something out of leather. We found, on E-How, a serie of leather working videos with some very interesting techniques you might appreciate … Go ahead! Go see them right away and start building that Catwoman suit you always wanted your girlfriend to wear … Meeeowww!

Basic Leatherworking Videos on E-How

Update: Contact and Links page

Posted: August 15, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, News, Update

Good morning from The Dork Cave!

The Contact page was updated and you can now send us emails! Feel free to use the Contact page to send us comments, suggestions, questions and even photos of your work and/or photos with stuff from our page … We will try to answer you as soon as possible but please consider 24-48 hours for an answer.

The links page was updated as well. Here’s a rundown of what you can find there so far:

Independent Film Maker
Maude Michaud (Sebastien Montpetit, our MakeUp Artist has some of his work featured in Maude’s work

Special Effects
Backyard FX (RIP) (Even if BFX is dead, it’s still a gold mine of informations regarding the building of Props on the cheap.

Obsidian Dawn (Photoshop/GIMP Brushes) (Some wicked brushes can be found there for your scrolls)
Pepakura (Papercraft Designer) (Program to print exploded views of 3D objects)

There … Have a nice day!


Tip Of The Day: Working with EVA Foam

Posted: August 14, 2011 by Patrick Dubuc in Links, Tips
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Article written from informations taken on the Schenz Theatrical Supply website.

So? You’re about to use EVA Foam for your next project? Please consider the following before doing so …

Like Wil already said in his Work In Progress: Wil’s Futuristic Armor post, EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This dense, closed cell foam is not only environmentally safe but it’s somehow weather and chemical resistant and has a low water absorption level. This means, that it’s easy to work on it with glue, paint and everything you can throw its way. Now for the Dork part …

Avoid fire and temperature above 329°C (625°F). EVA Foam is not compatible with: Gasoline, Cyclohexane, Ether, Ketone, Paraffin, Xylene and combustion conditions may release fumes hydrogen bormide and/or other toxic vapors

Beside the evidence (Like swallowing might make you choke) the only health hazard is regarding inhalation of the EVA. Dust/fumes generated during thermal forming or slicing may cause eye and/or respiratory irritation.

Work in a well ventilated area when thermal forming or sanding/cutting the EVA Foam. Might want to consider using a mask to avoid inhaling dust from the foam.

Safety informations taken from Foam Order

 … Time for some EVA Foam carnage now …

You will need some tools to work on that baby so grab a piece of paper, a pen and take notes …

– An X-Acto Knife (AND/OR any specialized blades you can think of for special cuts for example) AND/OR a hot blade of some sort …
– A Large Transparent ruler (The kind with a grid printed on it)
– A Fine Point Sharpie and an Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie (Or the cheap brands)
– A cutting surface (If you don’t want your wife to kill you for hacking through the kitchen table)
– A Dremel tool or its equivalent with sanding discs or bands
– A Heat Gun (For thermal forming)
– A mask (For protection) … Might consider some sort of Protection Goggles as well …
– A can of Contact Glue

– Masking Tape (To adjust your parts BEFORE glueing)


Thermal Forming

When using the Heat Gun to form your EVA Foam, make sure you heat your surface evenly. You might want to have a surface to help you bend your foam. Since EVA does not absorb water, consider using it to shock your pieces once bent.

A Dremel (Not making a shameless plug here, use whatever equivalent tool you want!) is a wonderful tool to make smooth edges, textures and details on your foam. I might consider making a post with possible things that can be done with a Dremel tool (Maybe using my scrap foam parts after my Futuristic Armor Project).

Use the utra-fine point sharpie to trace your pieces on the Foam. The fine point sharpie is used to write stuff on them or mark references (Like where to cut a hole later on).

If you have other questions regarding EVA Foam and the way to work with it … We would be more than happy to update this post for you. Send in your questions using the Contact link at the top of the Blog.